it is a time of change in the land of Segoy, the art magic of this island world is fleeting and the divine and arcane arts are becoming more and more the common practice of magic. the rulers of this vast and diverse planet have begun to use the new magic as a weapon to command. war is commonplace, but no more than to be expected from a mostly feudal society. yet for all this normalcy there is a darkness and a knowledge that is being sought that if wielded by its seeker could cause a transgression against the universe itself. Azver The master patterner at the mages school on the Isle of roke has felt this shift upon the earthsea weaving and has discerned that the help of those practiced in the new magic will be needed to potentially restore the balance and set the path correct. Nemmerle the arch mage of the school sets out to find hero’s who could stand this challenge a mysterious library farther south than many men would dare to travel and a power more secret than time itself.

The Libraries of Atuan